Our wavy avocado tacos are your new favorite!They love the vibe of fish tacos because of their crisp bread, but it's definitely vegetables. Could there be a tortilla filling that tastes good? We do not assume so. Then upload the pro black beans, � gallo, and the tangy taste of romaine lettuce. Sprinkle it with creamy cilantro and cilantro sauce, and it will likely be heaven on a plate. They flavor like eating place tacos, however are clean to make on your kitchen. Let's cook!

* ingredients :

° three ripe avocados
° 1 half pounds of hamburgers
° half cup finely chopped onion
° 1 cup tomato sauce
° 1 cup sour cream
° 1 cup Mexican cheese mix
° About 1 cup of shredded lettuce
° 1 packet taco seasoning

* Directions :

In a skillet brown hamburgers and onions and overwhelm hamburgers into small pieces. Add taco seasoning to fit your flavor even as cooking.
When the hamburger is cooked, drain it and placed it in a bowl.
Cut the avocado in 1\/2 and put off the seeds. Carefully put off the avocado 
Put every 1\/2 in a serving dish with a few shredded lettuce.
Put the cooked hamburger mixture, onions, and tacos in every avocado 1\/2.
Add a touch salsa, a dollop of sour cream and the Mexican cheese mixture on top.

Enjoy !